not done writing just yet ;) *wink*

I promiss to write more.  I do have a lot to catch up on. Promises, Promises.

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overwhelmed. yes. There’s just too much going on all around me… and I’m not talking about work, or friends/family (though we do always seem to be busy). I’m talking about social media. Yeah, so today I literally had to check my Facebook, followed by my new Google + and then tweet a bit.

[note: I no longer follow @charliesheen nor did I check out #sheenroast. I’m sure he’s still ‘winning’ I just don’t give a shit anymore]

Seems a bit like over kill to me. After yesterday’s Facebook change and all the hoot’n and holler’n about the new format I thought everyone would jump over and start tweeting more or join the whole Google + fad, but nope. Everyone I love and care about is still all in one spot – and that spot is the good old F.B.!

So cheers Mark Zuckerberg, looks like you’re still #winning – dude has 5,593,326 Subscribers to his Facebook page. He’s kinda still the most popular kid in the world ~ and homey tweets too!

So follow me – tweet me – be friends with me- +1 me – put me in your goddamn circle… I’m one social bitch!

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A pilgrimage to pain free.

I’ve always had stomach pain. ALWAYS. I just thought it was normal. I can remember only having orange juice on my cereal as a kid. I can still distinctively remember telling my mom she’d have to explain to my friends parents that I didn’t drink milk with my dinner (for those sleep over situations).

Later on in High School I was diagnosed with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-refers to a disorder that involves abdominal pain and cramping) and prescribed medication, but no food restrictions.

I wont get into the nitty gritty of it all, but over the past three years my stomach issues have been spectacular – cumulatively I think I’ve spent at least 4 weeks off work (in three years) purely based on horrific stomach issues. Because my stomach would bloat sometimes during attacks or uncomfortable days I had to have two sets of pants to fit. I suffered in silence because I was so embarrassed! Joe was a big support, but still was never about to really understand.

In June of this year I was in the most stomach pain I’d ever been in. No other symptoms just straight pain! After seeing the doctor – a CT scan was ordered.

reenactments of actual event ...

It makes sense, since my mom has had kidney cancer my pain was centered around my abdomen, stomach and back. The CT experience was less than fun, in fact it wasn’t good at all. I of course got the very rare reaction to the contrast (hives and nausea – whoot) and it took a day or two to get better. Good news was that the CT scan came back showing very healthy internal organs (score one for the liver!).

Now that the doctors didn’t have much to go off of the next step was guess work. I had some options. I could go through more INVASIVE tests or I could explore the idea of food allergies. FOOD ALLERGIES – heard of them, in fact I’m allergic to strawberries. Get me in a Jamba Juice and see how picky a consumer can be!

“Okay” I said. I’ll try anything. So after one last rendezvous with bread, beer and cheese during a camping trip – I gave up wheat (all things gluten) and dairy. Imagine that. I can never eat cheese again. Never have a bagel again. Kind of makes you sad, eh? Like the death of a really good friend. Cream cheese – you’ve always been there for me! Half and Half in my coffee – we’ve been together for a long time! Flour Tortillas – I’m going to miss you! Sandwiches – once my favorite food group, it’s time to move on!

Wipe your tears away. Not only has this process (now underway for two months solid) helped me to not be so emotionally invested in my meals, but I can successfully say I’m feeling fabulous! Yep – better than ever!

So encase you were wondering ‘what can she eat’? It’s complicated, I have a double whammy allergy. Gluten & Dairy… I have to be on the look out for both. Luckily I have Chef Joe – who cooks amazing food, tailored to my restrictions! I never have to worry at home about my food. {I’m so lucky!} And surprisingly enough ordering at a restaurant isn’t as hard as you’d think. Don’t cook it in butter. What’s in that sauce? Cream based – no thank you. Corn or flour – b/c I can have corn. No bread thanks.

So here’s a great guide (on the gluten free side of things) from Trader Joes – conveniently located across the street form our Condo…

(also we don’t sub in any of the replacement carbs like gluten free pasta or bread – just not the same) BUT Just in case you thought that I’d given up everything yummy here’s some of my favorites!


Trader Joe's Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip

Redbridge gluten free beer - Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

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K9 Starlets + My Leading Man…

For some reason I just can’t get the video on the blog – but go over to my Facebook page and check out Chico, California’s premier puppy stars… not to mention my handsome other half!
Freaking adorable if I might say so myself.
Oh and if anyone out there doubles as a blog IT director – let me know why I can’t get my .wmv file to upload here. GRRRR

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Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans…

Dang it! I keep saying I’m going to keep up with this blog and I just keep getting so distracted with life! Ever here that John Lennon quote – “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans…”? OR in Carrie Bradshaw’s case (Sex In The City) Life is what happens while you’re waiting for a table. So True. Blog FAIL. My bad.

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Breakfast of Champions (aka I’m at work and I gave up coffee for Lent)

Okay so the Redbull is kind of large. What? They were out of my normal medium size so I’m stuck this morning with this monstrosity of a Sugar Free Energy Drink (where’s the vodka? kidding. sorta) Perhaps its fate, I mean I didn’t sleep that well – and that was after it took one episode of Real Housewives and two Bethany Ever Afters to just fall asleep at all! And to top it all off it’s only Tuesday. Fabulous.


SFRB: that's 16 full ounces and 20 calories of the best damn source of citric acid and taurine ever. but the special K and banana make it okay.

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It’s that time a year! Easter baskets 2011!


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Happy 32nd Joey!


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Shoe-Saga 3/18/11


Dying to know what sensible shoes kerigirl is wearing on this nasty, rainy day? Yep… those are flats, not sensible at all! Tip: check weather before leaving for work.


When Irish eyes are smiling

Yeah I’ll be smiling right about 5 o’clock – but not a min sooner this year.

Happy St. Patricks Day, even though I’m at work today and not out enjoying the festivities of this oh so debaucherious holiday. What? I’m a Chico State Girl – we’re famous for being green beer guzzling, a shade of white or green short shorts/skirts wearing, early morning drinking, bead wearing, loud drunk chanting, standing in line during the day for bar hopping, justify using porta-potties for peeing, never bring a sweat shirt for when it gets cold, our mothers would be SO PROUD kinda girls. But to be fair the guys do it to – minus the skirts for the most part – unless it’s a kilt. I can’t help but wish I was in San Diego celebrating at my little sister’s annual SPD Party. This girl takes green to a whole new level. Not only does she look like a leprechaun, but today I bet she drinks like one too! But I’ll admit we have Guinness in the fridge, a bottle of Jameson (yes dad, Joe is excited to use his Jameson shot glasses direct from Ireland… you are the coolest Father-in-law ever!) and our corn beef has been in the crock pot since this morning. We’re doing  cabbage and potatoes too… so its fair to say this Irish Lass will be full of ‘cheer’!

These things I warmly wish to you- Someone to love Some work to do A bit o’ sun A bit o’ cheer And a guardian angel always near.

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